Nov. 2nd Polo in the Park

November 2nd Polo in the Park

The San Antonio Polo Club celebrated yet another successful Polo in the Park event on Sunday November 2nd at Olmos Basin Park. If you were lucky enough to be in attendance you were able to experience a wonderful day filled with great polo play, silent raffles, delicious food, and fabulous hats!

There were 3 Pro AM teams that played in the round robin match including the San Antonio team (Ursula Pari/Austin Cluck, Shehyrar Bohkari, Gal Shweiki), the South Texas Longhorns team (Fabian Vela, Zubair Hamir, Glen Voorhees, Farook Malik), and the Little Red Barn team (Kiki Garcia Jr., Victor Aguilar Jr., Victor Aguilar III, Victor Aguilar Sr.).

The San Antonio team won the match with Shehyrar receiving the MVP award with a total of nine goals scored!  The Little Red Barn team came in second place.

The intermediate teams also played a fantastic match against each other.  The Alamo Heights team (Reagan Gregory, Meredith Gregory, Austin Cluck, David Dilling) played the Olmos Park team (Susan Moulton, Holly Lane, Gordon McDougal, Farook Malik) resulting in a win for Olmos Park.

The San Antonio Polo Club would like to give a special thank you to our wonderful club volunteers including Susana Baird, Peter Banus, Kay Banus, Maren Banus, Patty Bethel, Kahlyne Fletcher, Tomas Garcia, Rachel Halliday, Beth Moore, Ursula Pari, Don Morley, Gal Shweiki, West Stone, and Carl Young for putting this event together! As well as the Texas State Polo team for their much needed man power.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to our generous sponsors including The Lion & The Rose, Republic Liquors/The Wine Group, Ferrari, Lucchese, Julian Gold, Alamo Beer, Covington Brewery, Ben E, Keith Catering, Tejas Rodeo, Bistro Vatel, and Kiolbassa Sausage.

Last, but not at all least, the SAPC would like to thank our fabulous attendees, supporters, and volunteer.  It would not be possible without all of the devoted people involved in our efforts to bring polo back to the Alamo City.

Take a look at some of the pictures from this wonderful day of polo in the park!

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